Regular Volunteering

Our organization thrives on volunteer work. You can work in the museum at the front desk, run errands for us, or even just help us stay organized! Keep reading to learn more about the specific roles you might fill as an IMOGAP volunteer. To get started, please email Matt Mulvey using the button, or just come on in and ask!


Gophers help us out by running errands. We are always running low on paper towels and rubber bands, needing to take bottles to the bottle return, and checking our PO box. This stuff takes away from time that we could be spending to make the museum more awesome, so it's a huge boon to have volunteers working on these tasks!


We have a ton of games, puzzles, and other related artifacts. Archivists help us keep the collection organized and usable, as well as helping to keep our online database up to date. You might also help us put together exhibits to display in the museum!


As a receptionist, your job is to greet visitors and help them find fun stuff to do. Sometimes you'll teach people games, work the cash register, or answer phones.


If you have experience in a field you think could really help us out, we would love your advice! You can help us make our organization bigger, faster and stronger.

Special Project Manager

Do you have an awesome idea for a project that would benefit the museum? We would love to support it! Let us know what you have in mind, and together we can try to make it happen.

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