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With the loss of income due to Corona Virus measures, The Interactive Museum of Gaming and Puzzlery is in real danger of shutting down. We want to do everything we can to prevent that. Our Lease obligations and minimum expenses through November are $24,560, and our projected costs for relocating (or renegotiating) at the conclusion of this lease and protecting the collection until this time next year are $53,800. A daunting number without regular income. 


Our top priorities are to a) maintain a location for people to gather and play our games, and b) to protect and preserve the collection for future generations. We are honored to have made it 9 and a half years with the support of so many fine people - people who gave us their time, or their financial support, or their game collections, or their playfullness, or their trust, or all of these - it has been unexpected and joyful, not to mention challenging and terrifying, to come this far together. 


I hope that we can dig deep once more and find a path through these woods to continue our study, and love, of board games and what they reveal about humans. We are pursuing several paths including federal quarantine Loans, direct fundraising, regional grant applications, and relief requests from creditors. We are also identifying projects we can do while closed to the public, like consolidating the Archives, and our Wedneday Online Board Games (link).


But we cannot do it alone. We need you to take a moment and donate to our efforts. We have matching grants working that will be able to double your contribution if you act soon. 




Kyle Engen

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