Our History

    The Interactive Museum of Gaming and Puzzlery began life in Kyle Engen and Carol Mathewson’s garage in 2009. Their combined personal board game collections numbered over 200, and it seemed a shame that they mostly went unplayed. Together they cooked up the idea of having a community space where the public could come and play their games, and IMOGAP was born- or at least, the seed was planted. 

    It took most of 2009 and 2010 to establish a board of directors and complete filing as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The first IMOGAP website went up so the public could learn more about the organization and its mission, and we began a catalogue of all of the games in our collection. The Museum was invited to bring a selection of games for attendees at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle to enjoy, as well as being invited to host a booth about the history of play in the anthropological area of the Oregon Country Fair.

  In 2012 the Museum attended Gamestorm for the first time, forging lasting relationships with local game players and the game design community. By 2013 the Museum finally had its first home in an office park in south Beaverton. Exhibits about the history of Dungeons and Dragons, Chess, and East Asian Games were developed, and the collection, then numbering close to 1300 games, was finally available for the public to enjoy.

    In 2014 we began our relationship with the Beaverton Community Transition Program, a learning environment for students aged 18-21 who graduated high school with a non-standard diploma. We have had many students from the transition program come to volunteer with us over the years, and it has been a joy to watch them grow and graduate.

    2015 saw our first annual fundraising event called THRAG, a twenty-four hour raffle and game-a-thon to raise money for the museum. We consistently have over a hundred donors, volunteers, and game players attend these yearly events. THRAG has quickly become our favorite night of the year.

    In the years since, our collection grew to over 8,000 games, and we moved to our current location in King City. Kyle and Carol have taken on a more big picture role, and Kyle’s son Sam and his good friend Matthew Mulvey have taken over day-to-day operation of the community space. We are excited to continue to grow alongside our community of game players and knowledge seekers for years to come.

Our Outreach​

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Community Partnerships

  • Rune and Board Games

  • Beaverton Community Transition Program

  • Seattle Science Center

  • Oregon Country Fair

  • Boy Scouts of America

  • Independent Distribution Project

The People of IMOGAP


  • Kyle Engen, Steward of Research

  • Carol Mathewson, Steward of Operations

  • Sam Engen, General Manager

  • Matthew Mulvey, VP of Innovation

Board of Directors

  • Scott Comstock

  • Matthew Kimble

  • Brian Koch

  • Timothy Storey

  • Shauna McKain-Storey

  • Meredith Cook


(503) 968-9998

15607 SW 116th Ave

King City, OR


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