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We are starting work on some new projects.
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Thrag Wrap-Up
Interactive Museum of Gaming and Puzzlery

Thrag went down Saturday September 17th, 2016. It was great fun and we thank everyone who supported and participated in our game-a-thon!

  • Congratulations to Megan D. who won our Online Raffle.
  • We made more than $8,000 dollars and we are in a much better position to fulfill our lease obligations this year.
  • Many pictures are coming soon
  • Special Awards! - The Giants Amidst Our Hedge Maze
    • Many people played a bunch of games and made the event fun. But we'd like to single out TWO participants who went the extra parsec. Please come by the museum to receive a special gift for each of you.
    • Iron Boy Award - for John A. who stayed up 24 hours, participated in a dozen games, and had the energy to go out and play Disc Golf in the final hours. Well played John!
    • Miss Congeniality Award - for Melanie S. who played steadily all day and all night, came to every drawing, and encouraged all players. Well played Melanie!
  • Sponsors - The Wind Beneath Our Pawns
  • Volunteers - The Oarsfolk of Our Strategies
    • Heather and her artists hands
    • Samm and his resourceful enthusiasm
    • Tobin and his attentive errantry
    • Sam and his colorful admixture
    • Micah, Nick, Sadie, Tim, Tyler and all the GameMasters
  • Participants - The Reason for Our Madness
    • More than 90 People on Saturday
    • and 30 People on Sunday
    • 7 or 8 People played ALL 24 HOURS - You Know Who You Are
    • 110 Games Documented
    • 543 Hours of Gameplay
    • More Fun Than a Rigelian Sand Skimmer on Paid Vacation
  • Money - The Frog Skins of Our Drawbridge
    • Thrag Game Players: $5,500
    • Membership Drive: $1,400
    • Patreon Drive: $804
    • Online Raffle: $755
    • Silent Auction: $163
    • Total: $8,622

Thrag Sleeps for Another Year! We've adopted him from Wikipedia - the photographer is Michael Gunther. (He's actually a guardian for a Javanese/Hindu temple called Sukuh)