Challange Grant
The Interactive Museum of Gaming and Puzzlery has outgrown its home. Our lease will expire at the end of May.
We have raised $4,903 of match for a $10,000 Challenge Grant, please help us meet this goal.

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We are looking for poeple to play games all day long during the game-a-thon at Thrag! We'll be offering prizes and refreshments. We are still adjusting the schedule to accommodate as many games as possible so let us know what you'd like to play!

Team Name: (No need for a team name if you are an individual)
( Click all the times you
will be able to play.)
Noon to 4 pm (Saturday, Sept. 17th)
4 pm to 8 pm
8 pm to Midnight
Midnight to Four am (Sunday, Sept. 18th)
4am to 8 am
8 am to Noon
What games do you hope to play? If you are a team, let us know who else is coming. Any ideas to make Thrag better?

Come roll with us:

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