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ThRAG 3 Game Signups and Schedule

Twenty-four Hour
affle And Game-a-thon

Thrag is a Fundraiser for IMOGAP that happens at the museum on Saturday September 22nd from Noon to Noon of Sunday September 23rd 2018.

ThRaG working Schedule and Activities

  • Even if spots are taken, folk often overcommit, so don't hesitate to add your name to a game you'd like to play
  • If you would like to know more, or would like to help organize thrag, or have some ideas of what to do at Thrag, please Email kyle (kyle@imogap.org).
  • Schedule subject to change because Thrag is a capricious Thrag
  • Noon PM Opening Ceremony
    • ThrAg Ring Start Bell!
  • 1 PM Crokinole Tournament
  • 2 PM Diplomacy
    • The balance of European power that erupted in the 1st World War. A Machiavellian game of elegant assassination. We'll be taking a turn each hour at twenty minutes after the hour. Bring your ruthlessest self.
    • hosted by Staff (7 spots, )
    • Sign Up for Diplomacy
  • 2 PM Giant Dominoes
  • 3 PM Game Designers Challenge
    • Design Teams, or Solo Designers, each get the same box of parts, and three hours to make the best game they can. Judges will evaluate all games and award a winner.
    • hosted by Staff (unlimited spots, )
    • Sign Up for Game Designers Challenge
  • 4 PM MTG Unstable Draft Tournament
  • 5 PM Puzzle Race
    • Five small puzzles in one pile of pieces. Ready, set go! Best time wins.
    • hosted by Staff (6 spots, )
    • Sign Up for Puzzle Race
  • 5 PM Giant King of Tokyo
  • 6 PM Pirates of the Spanish Main
  • 7 PM Settles of Catan - Limited Edition
  • 8 PM Ogre - Designers Edition
    • The very large box for this very grand game recreates the battles between the last of humanity and intelligent super tanks. A classic from Steve Jackson games.
    • hosted by Staff (6 spots, )
    • Sign Up for Ogre - Designers Edition
  • 8 PM El Grande
  • 9 PM Microscope
    • Spanning ages and moments, near and far, it's the game of collective worldbuilding.
    • hosted by Sam E. (4 spots, )
    • Sign Up for Microscope
  • 10 PM Magic Cube Draft
    • We all draft from the same set of cards from early expansions. You never know what you'll get. Great fun.
    • hosted by Staff (8 spots, )
    • Sign Up for Magic Cube Draft
  • 11 PM Skittles Contest
    • Spin the top to topple the pins to gain the points to wind the string to do it again.
    • hosted by Staff (unlimited spots, )
    • Sign Up for Skittles Contest
  • Midnight Midnight Arkham Horror
    • Demons are coming through portals into Arkham. We must work together to defeat the demons and close the portals before something really dangerous wakes up.
    • hosted by Tim S. (7 spots, )
    • Sign Up for Midnight Arkham Horror
  • Midnight Diceorcisms
    • Bring your misbehaving, poor rolling dice and we will cast out the bad juju. Using our exclusive progression of negative and positive feedback, expert affirmations, indirect invocations, and sacred spices we will restore any die to it's original mojo state. Donations accepted.
    • hosted by Staff (unlimited spots, )
    • Sign Up for Diceorcisms
  • 1 AM 10 Shot Nerf Dart Challenge
  • 2 AM Werewolf
  • 3 AM Star Trek Ascendency
    • Romulans, Federation, Klingons, Ferengi or Cardassians. One of these races will rule the galaxy.
    • hosted by Mary T. (5 spots, )
    • Sign Up for Star Trek Ascendency
  • 4 AM Telestrations
    • It's Pictionary meets Telephone in one of the silliest party games ever.
    • hosted by Staff (8 spots, )
    • Sign Up for Telestrations
  • 6 AM Catan 6x
    • Playing Catan with three times the map tiles is three times the fun! Settling on a grand scale.
    • hosted by Bryan F. (6 spots, )
    • Sign Up for Catan 6x
  • 10 AM Giant Jenga
  • 10 AM Giant Chess
    • Why occupy a tabletop when you could occupy a whole room. Someone will be champion.
    • hosted by Staff (4 spots, )
    • Sign Up for Giant Chess
  • 11 AM Closing Ceremony
    • Final Raffle drawing. Awarding of awards for awardable behavior. tHRaG Ring End Bell!
  • Other activities as well --
  • Barbecue burgers, chicken and hot dogs
  • Raffle drawings every hour
  • Silent Auction.
  • Silly Costumes
  • Photo Opportunities
  • Trivia
  • Music
  • Games games and more games

This guy is THRAG the ProtoGamer.

Thrag was a temple guardian of epic ferocity with his Club of Intimidation. All enemies and ne'er-do-wells feared his might. He was so frightening that no one, fool or sage, dared to cross him.

But Thrag was bored. With no one to thump, he had nothing to do. So Thrag thought long and hard while the sun and stars wheeled through the sky. First, he discovered that his club could be used for play, and he invented the game Wac-a-mole. Then he invented all the stick and ball games, from Billiards to Baseball. Pleased with these games of dexterity, Thrag was content for a long time.

Eventually though, Thrag sought a different kind of fun. He admired the many colored pebbles along the river, and so he invented Go. Soon thereafter he had created all the Pure strategy games, from Nine Mens Morris to Chinese Checkers. And again he was sated for a time.

As the years passed however, Thrag grew sullen. Surely there was some other game he could play. In great frustration, he pounded the stones around him with his Club of Intimidation. And so he created dice, and with them gambling. In a short time he had invented all the games of chance from Yahtzee to Three Card Monte.

Now, Thrag is content to rest while others play the games he created. But each year he wakes, and insists that we play games all day and night until he falls back to sleep.

We've adopted Thrag from Wikipedia - the photographer is Michael Gunther. (From a historic perspective he's actually a guardian for a Javanese/Hindu temple called Sukuh)

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