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The Interactive Museum of Gaming and Puzzlery has outgrown its home. We are moving to a new location on Canyon Rd. We'll have more information and a schedule for reopening in the next few days.
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It's time for THRAG at
Interactive Museum of Gaming and Puzzlery

Twenty-four Hour
affle And Game-a-thon

Thrag is a Fundraiser for IMOGAP: Saturday September 17th at Noon to Sunday September 18th at Noon.

Be A Thrag Sponsor        Be a Thrag Gamer

  • Raffle! (Buy Raffle Tickets Here)
    • Game Vault of more than 20 modern, classic, and rare games
    • Worth more than $300
    • Raffle Tickets are only $5
  • Gamers and Attendees (sign up to Be a Thrag Gamer)
    • Everyone is welcome
    • Come as a team
    • Come alone
    • Fun Prizes
  • Sponsors (sign up to Be A Thrag Sponsor)
    • Sponsor game players
    • Donate games for the Raffle
    • Donate supplies for THRAG
  • Schedule and Activities (subject to change because Thrag is a capricious Thrag)
    • Noon: Thrag Ring Bell!
    • 12:15: Giant Dominoes
    • 2 pm: Skittles Tourney
    • 2 pm: Collector's Catan Play (4 spots)
    • 3 pm: Dungeons & Dragons - Sadie (6 spots)
    • 4 pm: Magic Draft (Sponsored by Rune & Board Games)($10 cards fee, 12 spots)
    • 4 pm: Lego Creations
    • 5 pm: Back to Basics (Monopoly, Life, Sorry)
    • 5 pm: The One Ring Roleplaying Game
    • 6 pm: Puzzle Races +
    • 6 pm: King of Tokyo Minibrawl
    • 7 pm: Dungeons & Dragons - Will (6 spots)
    • 7 pm: Game Design Challenge
    • 8 pm: Game Rules Poetry Slam
    • 9 pm: Teenagers from Outer Space
    • 9 pm: Casino Games (Poker, Craps, Roulette)
    • 10 pm: Glocquet
    • 11 pm: Rocky and Bullwinkle Party RPG (8 spots)
    • 11 pm: Game Design Results
    • Midnight: Arkham Horror
    • Midnight: Ultimate Werewolf
    • 1 am: Takenoko/Tokeido
    • 2 am: Twister Disco
    • 3 am: Telestrations/Pictionary
    • 4 am: Adult Party Games
    • 5 am: Iron Dragon (6 spots)
    • 6 am: Horse (with basketballs and discs)
    • 7 am: Cartoon Games
    • 8 am: Pirate Ships Miniature Battle
    • 9 am: Disc Golf Doubles Mini-Tourney
    • 10 am: Co-operative Craziness
    • 11 am: Gut Bustin' Games
    • 11 am: Whipcream Toss
    • Noon: Thrag Ring Bell!
    • Noon-thirty: Raffle Drawing!
    • Along the way: Snacks, drinks, and music. Trivia. Feature games. Puzzle contests. Movies. Webcasting for 24 hours. Face Painting. Silliness. Design Slam. Two player games

This guy is THRAG the ProtoGamer. Thrag makes his own rules! We've adopted him from Wikipedia - the photographer is Michael Gunther. (He's actually a guardian for a Javanese/Hindu temple called Sukuh)

Come roll with us:

Interactive Museum of Gaming and Puzzlery Interactive Museum of Gaming and Puzzlery